Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Sri Lanka: The House of Natural Wonders

Sri Lanka is internationally famed for its natural wonders providing breathtaking landscape and much more that cannot be described in words. It is an island full of exotic destinations comprising exciting wildlife, serene backwaters, shimmering beaches etc. It is famously called the tear drop island primarily because of its geographical shape over the deep blue the ocean. This incredible country amidst the azure waters has earned its tourism reputation by being a diver's paradise. The island inhabits over a thousand species of fish and a mesmerizing marine life in the surrounding waters. Tourists love to explore these two as there is high visibility in the water throughout the year.

Sri Lanka Tour comprises some fascinating curved shaped beaches that are beautifully separated by rocky shores. The long sandy stretch of the coastline of this island houses some of the best beaches present in South Asia. It further makes it an ideal swimming destination as the shallow water stretch extends hundreds of meters from the land. All the beaches have been blessed by the naturally designed landscape with shinning sand, coconut and palm edged highlands also comprises minerals like Ilmenite and Throacite which makes the color of the sand on some of the beaches of Sri Lanka partially black and not to forget the corals which makes it a colorful delight. Beaches are the delight of this island. However, it also consists of some fascinating fishing villages which are located at a distance from the beach front which is also worth a visit while enjoying the beauty of this place.

The most prominent among all the beaches in Sri Lanka is the Unawatuna beach. The second in line is the Bentota and Induruwa beach. These two beaches are among the favorites and most visited by the tourists while Mirissa on the south coast is lesser known. It doesn't have much tourist gatherings or hectic business but the local traders use this place to trade for themselves. Apart from these three beaches Arugam bay is also included in the top beach list of this island.

Beside these magnificently charming beaches one should also explore the countryside away from the coast. Stepping onto the inland, the country side accommodates the lush and evergreen pastures of rice fields and palm groves that will definitely proved to be a serene beauty for nature lovers. Sri Lanka has a well known status for its Ayurvedic treatments, salons, recuperation and regeneration resorts that prove to be a relaxing trip to the tourists and accommodating a wide variety of Ayurvedic treatments too.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Discover the Concept of Destinations Beyond India

Exploring as many destinations in the world over a lifetime is on the wish-list of a seasoned traveller. Obviously, such a person believes that all these destinations are made by god for him only. To enjoy being on earth. To soak in a variety of sights, sounds, relish food and witness intriguing cultures in their dwelling locations. To meet new people, understand their culture and lifestyle, observe their way of life. All such desirable experiences are a part of discovering a destination.

And when we talk about Destinations beyond India, we encourage travellers to enjoy seasoned experiences of travelling across different countries in the world. As one of the leading tour operators in India, DBI attempts to popularize international travel among travellers. With its impressive range of wide tourism products, itineraries and efficient services, the company aims to facilitate travelling across the borders in the finest way.

The website currently hosts an impressive range of countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

All such countries are high on tourist potentials and offer a favourable travel opportunity. More importantly, these splendid countries capture the interests of wanderlusts and offer them continuous ideas of travelling for their upcoming plans.

So, what are you waiting for? Find out the impressive range of ideas in Nepal and explore its different facets including culture, adventure, wildlife, pilgrimage, and not to forget Mt. Everest peak. Efforts are invested in to bring the best of the country in a single attempt. All this is done to make sure the travellers get the best of knowledge about a destination and decide the trip as per their travel interests accordingly.

On the lines of Nepal, other country sections will also be curated to guide travellers in a better way. The idea is to capture the essence of the country and bring it closer to the prospective tourists.